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Article Am I allowed to use IRC?
Of course. If we don't receive complaints from any third party about abuse, we have no problems.
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Article Are my resources guaranteed or do you oversell?
We do not oversell or share resources between different machines so the resources that you are...
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Article Can I buy a CPanel/Plesk/etc. VPS control panel license?
We provide various licences but these licences are for use on our servers only.
Views: 1202
Article Can I firewall my server?
Absolutely. We recommend configuring iptables on all VPSs, as well as keeping up-to-date with...
Views: 1078
Article Can I have a network speed test to download?
Views: 1107
Article Can I reset and change my operating system on my VPS?
Yes you can re-image your VPS with one of our VPS templates through the ticketing system or you...
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Article Can you provide native IPv6 addresses?
Probably very soon, but not at the moment. Meanwhile you can use a tunnel broker service...
Views: 1008
Article Do I have to move servers and get a different IP address if I wish to upgrade?
We will always try to maintain your current node while updating packages where possible. We leave...
Views: 1028
Article Do you block any port on the VPS'es?
No, we don't block any port/service by default. All ports are open and ready to serve. Be aware...
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Article Do you offer shell access on the VPS's?
Yes we allow shell access to your server, you get a root login to the machine and you can use...
Views: 1278
Article Do you provide MySQL DBs?
We don't provide centralised database servers for the moment but this is in our attention and we...
Views: 1190
Article Do you provide Windows VPS's?
Yes, licences are per CPU or per host. We currently offer Windows 2008 R2 Web, Standard,...
Views: 1030
Article Does the VPS come with a control panel to reboot, shutdown and re-image my VPS?
Yes,  under or under the client area.
Views: 1039
Article How long does it take to setup my VPS?
Providing your order passes our fraud check, your VPS will be setup and ready to use in an hour...
Views: 1072
Article How many IP addresses do I get with my VPS?
You get 1 IP address with your VPS. We can offer a limited number extra with a VPS but...
Views: 1043
Article How many IPs do I get?
All new systems come automatically configured with one dedicated IP address.
Views: 1013
Article How much can I host from my VPS?
There is no limit to how many services, domains, or applications you can run from a TopXen VPS...
Views: 1182
Article How secure is my data?
All data is stored on RAID 10 systems and if you purchase backup space(available throughFTP,...
Views: 992
Article I can't get access to my VPS via SSH.
You need to make sure that you are using 'root' as login and your password that you set when...
Views: 1023
Article Is TUN/TAP enabled on my VPS?
Yes, TUN/TAP is enabled by default on all of our VPS's.
Views: 1089
Article The order form is not accepting my Hostname that I have entered.
This may be because we can only accept hostnames which are: -one word -between 3 and 10...
Views: 1019
Article This is my first VPS and I don't have much technical knowledge, can I get support?
We can provide basic support, but overall the server is unmanaged. We will always try to help as...
Views: 1065
Article What about backups?
We don't backup your VPS, you have to do that. We can offer FTP/NFS/CIFS space on one of our...
Views: 1037
Article What happens if I go over my bandwidth limit?
We charge $4 for 100GB extra data transfer, this can be added to a package before, but we would...
Views: 1073
Article What if I want to change my OS?
At any time you can create a new VPS from any of our templates or from the ISO Library.
Views: 1029
Article What is the connection speed of your VPS's?
Each VPS has a shared network connection speed of 100mbit or higher and the peerings are very...
Views: 1053
Article Would I be able to resell space from my VPS?
Yes you can use your VPS to host anything that is not illegal or against our Terms of Service.
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