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Article Are my resources guaranteed or do you oversell?
We do not oversell or share resources between different machines so the resources that you are...
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Article Are your prices inclusive of VAT?
We are a VAT registered company in the European Union, all clients in the EU will need to pay VAT...
Views: 1088
Article Do you charge a setup fee or PayPal fees?
Unless otherwise specified we don't charge a set up fee for any of our services, we don't charge...
Views: 1121
Article Do you offer 24/7 customer support?
We provide 24/7 support via our ticket system.We aim to respond to all tickets within 30 minutes...
Views: 1106
Article Do you offer custom plans?
Yes we can offer custom plans and prices for any product, please contact us to tell us your...
Views: 1035
Article Do you provide a guaranteed uptime policy?
We strive to achieve a minimum of 99.9% network and server uptime level.Customer shall not...
Views: 1106
Article Do you provide refunds?
If you would like to cancel your services with us within your first month, then you can get a...
Views: 1039
Article How do I cancel my service(s)?
You can cancel your service through the billing panel, or by submitting a ticket through the same...
Views: 1057
Article How much technical knowledge do I need?
VPS systems with TopXen are very easy to get up and running with pre-installed software and...
Views: 1204
Article How will I be billed?
For the month of the order you are billed for the remainder of the month in days. For all...
Views: 1022
Article I am paying for my services in a different currency, what happens if the rate changes?
Please be aware that if you are paying in a currency other than EUR then your amount per month...
Views: 1043
Article I placed a new order and I'm waiting for long time now and nothing happens...
Did you receive and pay the invoice for the order? Due to the high risk of fraud that we have...
Views: 1076
Article I would like to upgrade my service(s), how do I do this?
If you open a ticket with us and let us know what you would like to upgrade to, we can then guide...
Views: 1062
Article I've forgotten a password, can you help?
If you have forgotten your password for our client area you can request a password reset by...
Views: 1042
Article The offer or discount doesn't show in my cart.
All offers and discounts are taken off on the second page in the cart, once 'Update Cart' has...
Views: 1039
Article What am I allowed to host / use my services for?
You may host whatever you like as long as it is not against our Terms of Service. Forbidden...
Views: 1082
Article What are your payment options?
We accept PayPal, Moneybookers and Bank Transfers.
Views: 1231
Article What happens if I don't pay on time or if I stop paying?
We would like to believe that as we offer you our services with our best intentions and top...
Views: 1029
Article What happens if I go over my bandwidth limit?
We charge $4 for 100GB extra data transfer, this can be added to a package before, but we would...
Views: 1073
Article Where are your servers located?
Our datacenter facilities are selected by maximum redundancy regarding air...
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